Certified Email

Certified Email is standard for trusted email.

Certified email is aimed to provide the same legal class as certified mail. For certified email, the government will promise legal validity along with a receipt. The receiver can then verify the mail using a signed delivery receipt. Certified mail is used to reduce postal cost and postal difficulties too.

Certified Domain

A Certified Domain provides website visitors with visible evidence. This is usually done by a certified seal. This proves the site as being validated and that the registrants credentials are verified. Having a certified domain improves a sites legitimacy and trust as well.

Certified Email Paper Suppression

Certified Paper Suppression is an app that can provide legal proof that an email was sent and received.

Certified Email Document Delivery

The Certified Email Document Delivery solution allows you to deliver sensitive documents as a securely encrypted email attachment.

Certified Video

Certified Video is a way to send streaming video in an email attachment.

Certified Video .GIF

Certified Video . GIF allows the third party streaming of GIFS in emails.

Postmarked Email

Postmarked Email, this allows integration with the U.S. Postal Service Electronic Postmark for better trust and delivery.


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