New York Homeowners Insurance

The Top 5 New York Homeowners Insurance Companies

According to the most recent summary of information regarding rates, which were reported by both New York Homeowners Insurance companies and policy holders, the average premium in the state of New York $756. Part of what has contributed to this surprisingly low price, especially compared to other states, is that New York has a saturated market full of highly competent and competitive insurance companies. The following are the top five companies rated for both pricing and quality of service according to customer surveys.

  1. Travelers

One aspect that earned a lot of points, which is a feature common to all the companies on the list, is that Travelers has a very user friendly website. A longtime established insurance agency, many policy holders are lifelong members. They also offer some of the best discounts, especially for new homeowners.

  1. Liberty Mutual

For those who can maintain a claim free record, Liberty Mutual offers some of the lowest premiums of the entire insurance industry. Their diverse range of coverage options, which include traditional homes, apartments, and mobile homes also makes them one of the most popular companies for new, experienced, and multiple property owners.

  1. MetLife

Tackling the mobile movement, MetLife really stands out among users as one company that offers a genuinely convenient and east to use mobile access point. Of just about any insurance company to date, they have one of the highest ratings for being the easier to file and resolve a claim through. They also have some of the best rates for coverage the includes not just personal property, but also lawsuit protection and property damage protection.

  1. Allstate

Offering an in depth and interactive user interface, Allstate gives a unique feature for New York homeowners insurance policy holders to take advantage of. They offer something called a “digital locker”, which is a feature that keeps a digital copy of their personal inventory. It is accessible through their customer interface and can be updated easily anytime there is a change in property. It makes it easy to ensure new electronics and major furniture is immediately covered by their homeowners insurance policy.

  1. State FarmWith their catchy jingle and amusing commercials, it is not overly surprising that State Farm has managed to deliver on their company promise. New York homeowners insurance policy holders are quite happy with the customer service, rates and range of coverage provided through State Farm