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What to Tell Your Teen Driver About Car Insurance

Teenagers don’t know much. Oh, they think they know everything, but they don’t and they especially don’t know a thing about car insurance. They don’t even know that car insurance has varying pricing or that it’s possible to get cheaper North Carolina auto insurance quotes, depending on credit and driving record, among other things.

So here are a few things your teenage driver should know about car insurance.

  1. Keep your driving record clean. A clean driving record—no tickets, no accidents, no suspensions or revocations—will help keep your car insurance rates lower.
  2. Safety counts! Wear your seat belt, for sure. Police officers are always on the lookout for drivers who do not wear their safety belts.
  3. And do not text and drive. People still do this, and especially teens. This could cost someone their life, but a ticket for doing this will be a black mark on your record to car insurance companies.
  4. Good students might get good discounts. It pays to be on the honor roll!
  5. Car insurance companies look at your credit record. Pay bills on time, do not over-extend yourself with credit card debt and you will be rewarded by more reasonable rates.
  6. Car insurance is a big expense so it pays to get multiple quotes. Don’t just go with one and assume it’s a good deal.
  7. You must ask car insurers about the discounts that might be available to be sure you are getting all the money-saving discounts you could qualify for.
  8. It’s hard for a teen to believe this, but young drivers are more distracted and less skillful on the road. Besides texting, they should avoid other distractions.
  9. Do not drink and drive. Even if teens can not legally drink, the fact is that some do and then some get on the road. This is a bad idea in every possible way. Encourage your teen to call you for a ride of they drink and to take the car keys from friends who have had something to drink.
  10. You can be impaired by drinking even if you don’t feel like you are. A drink or two makes drivers feel invincible, but they aren’t. It’s not worth the risk.

Before handing over car keys for the first time, it’s smart to have this discussion with your teen driver.