All you need to know about Michigan Car Insurance

Auto Insurance is a matter of great matter of importance in all of our lives here in The United States. The auto insurance policies, rules, regulations and laws varies from state to state and they are different in different states and Michigan is no exception.

In this article, we will discuss about the some facts and important aspects related to the Michigan car insurance.

The first most important thing that comes in mind while talking and thinking about Michigan car insurance is the basic no fault coverage cost.

In terms of car insurance, Michigan was included under the no-fault states as per the car insurance laws in the state of Michigan. This particular amendment was done in the year 1973 in order to curb the number of the uninsured cars and to increase the benefits for the people injured severely in a car accident.

Owning a vehicle and driving a car without proper car insurance is considered breach of civil conduct and the offender if caught by a law enforcement officer can be fined up to $ 500 and can be sent to jail for 1 day to up to 1 year.

Michigan residents sometimes tend to combine car insurance with property insurance or property coverage from well known companies, which considerably slashes down the car insurance amount.

As per the car/auto insurance laws laid down by the Michigan auto/car insurance laws, the following insurance coverage must be included in a Michigan resident’s car insurance plan.

  1. Personal injury protection commonly known as PIP.
  2. Property protection or PPI.
  3. Residual bodily injury and property damage liability.

Apart from these above mentioned mandatory insurance coverages and the no fault basic insurance coverage, there are also other optional but highly recommended coverage options which includes-

  1. Comprehensive or collision coverage (covers your car from physical damage).
  2. Coverage from uninsured or underinsured motorists: This optional coverage becomes extremely handy if your car is hit by a driver or motorist who don’t have insurance at all or is underinsurance.
  3. Limited property damage liability insurance.
  4. Bodily injuries liability insurance coverage
  5. Rental car coverage and free towing services.

Another concern regarding the car insurance is the insurance quotes. More the number of coverage, the higher the price of your insurance is likely to be. But, other than the coverages and benefits, it is your driving history, background history, overall condition and history of your vehicle, in this case any past recorded accident history are also responsible for variation in Michigan car insurance quotes.