Trust is essential for success
Whether you’re selling vitamins or violins, insurance or island travel, trust is essential for your success.
Security and trust trump all
Whether they’re banking, borrowing, or investing, they demand the highest level of security available in all their financial dealings. Email is no exception.
Empowering Communications
Government agencies have the same problems as commercial email marketers. We’ve got solutions and partners just for you.
First, get attention, then keep it
When you’re marketing media for homeowners insurance NJ, you’ve got stiff competition from the get-go.


Top e-Retailer Email Marketing Industry Report, Fall 2009

goodmail-email-data-source-reportA New joint Goodmail-Email Data Source research report focusing on Email Marketing tactics and Social Networking of the top e-retailers.
As technology and services in email marketing expand, marketers are beginning to have more options than ever before. Email Data Source and Goodmail Systems recently conducted a study of the top Internet Retailer 100 e-retailers to see how these companies have adopted social networking in their email campaigns. Using data supplied by Email Data Source, the study looked at the growth in social network marketing and different techniques used in email campaigns by the top retailers, as well as new email marketing trends. With an average of 5,900 monthly email campaigns sent by the top 100 e-retailers, there are many of opportunities for e-retailers to enhance their email marketing efforts.



“Push” Email Billing and your Online Strategy

striata-whitepaper-thumbnailDriving qualified customer traffic to online self-service portals with secure document delivery
While customer adoption rates for self-service portals have disappointed, email delivery of secure bills and statements has been extremely successful at driving qualified customer traffic to biller web sites. For billers tasked with online bill pay targets, the vision was never a mere reduction in billing costs, but rather the ability of a billing platform in an online environment to drive customers to their web based services, while reducing paper output and associated billing expenses.




Email Delivery Benchmarks, 2009Q1

pv-thumbnail-150A new Goodmail-Pivotal Veracity white paper focusing on email deliverability of B2C companies.
Deliverability remains a major barrier to email marketing success. In 2008, fifty-two percent of marketers called deliverability one of their top five challenges. Recent data from Pivotal Veracity proves that their concern is justified. Actual delivery data on more than 300,000 campaigns sent by its clients in Q1 2009 found widespread junk folder placement and instances of missing or “black holed” i email. Five percent of messages ended up in the spam folder, with even more – 15 percent – completely unaccounted for; a 20 percent average delivery failure rate.